Specialty Cleaning and Decontamination

Crime - Trauma - Death Scene
Bloodborne Pathogen
Disinfecting - Cleaning

Our Goal:
Safely and discreetly restore a scene to a safe state

Our professionalism:
Trained - experienced technicians adhering to O.S.H.A., EPA and State Health Dept. guidelines, procedures and protocol

Our Experience:
Management team with over 60 years combined experience in Haz-Mat, specialty cleaning and decontamination

The Company:
Innovative Environmental LLC is independently and locally owned, fully insured and permitted

Applications and Services
Homicide, Suicide, Accidental Death
Emergency vehicles and holding areas
Contaminated, Distressed Properties
Blood and Body Fluid Disposal
Hotel / Motel rooms
Industrial accidents
Homes / Businesses
Cruise ships / Airplanes
Providing safe, compliant, efficient, and cost effective services
to the North East U.S. since 1994